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C’est fou mais c’est comme ca…

That’s my people - NTM

Yah Boy


big up My Clitoris 

Yerrps! Big up!

Beautiful song from a fucking great film. 

Halycon On and On - Orbital


How did this not win a fucking Oscar


(Source: materiajunkie)

Have you looked in the mirror lately ?

Dj- Tomcraft - Overdose

Gotta love this track, house isn’t my first choice of music,  I love this shit. First heard it in the Party Monster soundtrack, and listened to it a great deal during the days of my substantial MDMA usage. However it is equally enjoyable with a damn fine pair of headphones,some quality hashish herbal tea and diazepam.

On a sort of related note Michael Alig being released back into society should prove interesting.

Quite a spiffing luchador.
(Wish I could credit the photographer but I don;t know who took this.) 

RIP Harold Hunter.

Charlie Parr - Rocky Racoon

This damn fine cover does the original a damn fine amount of justice.